The Latest News Within Our Industry

The Electronic Payments Industry is transforming at many levels such as Mobile Processing, Chip and Pin and eWallet technology just to name a few. Technology in this field is progressing at an extrememly fast rate and large security breaches hasten the speed at which it is embraced. Check here for current news that may affect you and or your business.

Latest News

The Equifax disaster points to a much bigger problem In the wake of the hack of credit reporting agency Equifax, many people have suggested that affected consumers implement credit freezes to prevent the misuse of their sensitive personal data.

New Android malware Fakedtoken can steal card details from appsA new piece of Android malware, dubbed Fakedtoken is able to quietly steal victims’ details when they enter them into apps, as well as spy on their texts and phone calls, according to a blog post from Kaspersky

Why Payment Processors Suspend Their Legitimate-but-High Risk Merchants
It's difficult enough running a business online without having to worry about your payment processor. For most, it's a given that you can simply set up PayPal or Stripe and things will run smoothly.